The Nidar Group is an ever-evolving organisation, brimming with buoyant plans and a vision for the future. Keeping in sight the country’s aspirations and modernisation, the group invests in solutions to customers for all their needs from real estate, energy, infrastructure and big data. It contributes to society in areas of education and healthcare.

Real Estate


Data Center






Driven by a philosophy of focussing on excellence and flawless execution, we as a group have a track record of delivering iconic projects that provide elevated lifestyles, sustainable energy solutions and state of the art infrastructure.

Our real estate offerings are designed to match the lifestyle of aspiring Indians, while our energy and infrastructure projects are setting new highs for trade and commerce, logistics and urbanization and our data centres are gateways to a new era that will transform the digital landscape of the country.

Key Strength & differentiators

To stay true to our brand essence, we at the Nidar Group follow a set of values, driven by purpose:

Foresight and Vision

Every offering has to be a powerful idea, an idea that comes with a vision for the future.

Aesthetic Excellence

Every project has to be a quest for aesthetic excellence.
From facades to innovation in architecture, each task has to be carried out keeping excellence in mind.

Responsible Citizenship

We are committed to our environment. We believewe are accountable for our actions and evaluate them in terms of the impact they have on society.

Human Experience

People are our first priority. We don’t just offer people a place to live, we enhance their overall living experience.