At Nidar, nation-building comes first. Our profit and competitiveness have always been secondary, as our business verticals continue to be guided by a vision and strategy which drive people and the nation as a whole through sustainable and transformative ventures, be it in real estate, energy, or infrastructure.


Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, every sector where Nidar has a presence, saw value-addition through its conscientiousness and adaptability.


The Community

At the Nidar Group, our constant endeavor is to offer all our customers an elevated sense of living. All our initiatives are focused on this core value, as we spread the net beyond geographical boundaries, creating global communities.

Our CSR Initiatives

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives under the aegis of the Hiranandani Foundation are an integral part of our business agenda. We are continuously expanding our CSR reach through several programmes, the most notable of them being in the area of Healthcare and Education.

Skill Development

To contribute to India’s on-going development process, the Nidar group provides competency-based skill-oriented training and capacity-building to create a sustainable community of skilled workforce, and enhance livelihoods.

These initiatives are aimed at creating livelihood opportunities to the youth from challenging backgrounds, by training them in market-related skills to boost their employability. We have established various Centres of Excellence (CoE) in the following areas to facilitate this:






Financial Services

Information Technology

Students are tutored in practical courses such as English Speaking, Basic Beauty & Hair Dressing, Computer Fundamentals Networking; and Primary Health Assistant training. We have partnered with several NGOs across multiple locations in and around Mumbai to conduct these programmes. From a modest 235 students trained in FY2012-13, a total of 5,353 individuals were trained during FY2018-19, along with the HSNC Board.

Some of our candidates have become skill development trainers themselves, advancing learning and employment for the next wave of students. Our aim is to scale this further and upskill at least 8,000 individuals and enable them to enhance their livelihoods.

Success Stories


Basic Beauty & Hair Dressing. Total Earnings: Rs 15,000 per month.

Sangeeta Santosh Pal

Sangeeta is now a self-employed professional in the booming beauty industry.

Harshada Ganesh Borwankar

Harshada can proudly state today that she has a job with a stable income.


Basic Welding & CO2 Welding. Total Earnings: Rs 10,000 per month.


Basic Sewing Operator. Total Earnings: Rs 6,000 per month.

Poonam Madan Naik

Poonam is now able to contribute to her household income.

Priyanka Narayan Jagdev

Priyanka now trains aspiring candidates at our headquarters


Computer Fundamental & Tally. Total Earnings: Rs 6,000 per month.


Basic Welding & CO2. Total Earnings: Rs 7,000 per month.

Sonal Mahadev Tidake

Sonal has been able to secure a job with her newfound skills.


Charging facilities for 5% of the total parking spaces
Barrier-free design for the comfort of all the occupants
On-site sewage treatment plant (STP) catering to 100% requirement of water for flushing, landscaping and cooling tower
Building constructed with 100% STP water
Charging facilities for 5% of the total parking spaces
The entire exposed roof (after deducting services and vegetation) covered with high SRI (solar reflectance index) materials, helping the building to stay relatively cool even under a burning sun
Outdoor light pollution reduced by 70%
Annual energy saving of 30.19% against ASHRAE 90.1-2010
Energy-efficient LED lighting used for common interior areas
Efficient construction materials used in the project, with a combined recycled content such as reinforcement, concrete, reinforced concrete, block work, glazing, insulation, tiles, etc.
Construction material sourced within a radius of 400 km, including reinforcement, concrete, block work, gypsum board, insulation, etc.